Stop Being a Victim and Unleash Your Inner Hero!

June 26, 2017

I recently had the incredible opportunity to see the show Hamilton in Chicago. What an amazing experience! What mind-blowing ingenuity and creativity that has made history come alive for people of all ages. Personally, I have always liked history. I’ve especially cherished stories in which a group of people cease perceiving their oppressive circumstances as “just the way things are” and therefore must be accepted.

I find it beautiful when people realize their inherent worth and power. Too often, people are not aware of their inner strength and potential. Trust me, the oppressors and the bullies of the world are counting on people not discovering their true power. However, when people realize and get in touch with their authentic nature, they soon recognize that there is nothing that they cannot accomplish. I think of our founding fathers and mothers, and I reflect on all of their accomplishments (those well known and those not so well known). I ponder the women around the globe who have banned together to gain the right to vote.

When we think of gaining the right to vote, many folks, myself included, think of women in the United States. Yet a suffrage movement has occurred in many countries at different times in history. For example, in the early 1890s, women in New Zealand began to challenge their circumstance; as a result, New Zealand became the first self-governing country where women had the right to vote. As they challenged their circumstance, they changed their circumstance.

This blog is not about injustice. I simply have been noticing what happens when people cease viewing themselves as victims and begin perceiving themselves as powerful, significant beings. That change of perception is the difference between a life of misery in which one feels helpless in altering his or her circumstances and a life that is rich not of finances but of free will and self-determination!

Lynne Twist, author of The Soul of Money, stated on her appearance on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday “What we appreciate, appreciates.” Lynne was stating that there is a power of genuinely feeling grateful for what we have in our life. Too many of us take on the role of victims far too easily because we are too busy noting what we don’t have (like power or money) and not noticing all that we do possess (like choices, supportive friends, kind strangers, or a voice). I know that I have taken on the role of victim in my life. I know that there have been times when I began working for an organization when I had intentions of creating change and building more inclusiveness and equality for the people with disabilities who I supported. However, I remember all too well hearing from veteran coworkers, “This is just the way it is. No one will listen and nothing will ever change.” These individuals believed the very toxic myth of “This is just the way things are” discussed in the this e-newsletter. Believing this myth in the workplace, in society, or in your personal life is dangerous. Believing this myth renders you powerless. You cannot change your circumstances if you believe this myth. As a matter of fact, believing this myth will not even allow you the energy to try to reach for something greater.

So, before you give in and become a victim in the circumstance where you find yourself, dig deep and find your own personal power. Investigate your limiting beliefs and then become the powerful, courageous human being that you were born to be. When you have tapped into that, you will begin to perceive things differently. When you believe that you are your own hero, you will discover that there is nothing that can stop you except for your own limited thinking. Do yourself a favor and empower yourself to be all that you can be. As Coach Carter says to his team in the movie Coach Carter, “Just because you deserve this championship, doesn’t mean that the other team is going to give it to you. Sometimes you gotta take what’s yours.” Folks, don’t wait for others to treat you with respect, give you the opportunity that you desire and deserve, or provide the recognition that you have earned. Go out and grab your life with both hands and with full gusto!

If you would like assistance to discover your inner hero, I would love to support you on this journey to reconnect you to the hero that lives within you!

Sharing Corner

For a little inspiration to begin to feel your own powerfulness, turn to music, literature, biographies, or videos. There is a wealth of stories out there about people who have created lives that are more suited to their tastes. I find inspiration everywhere. This video of Mandy Harvey from America’s Got Talent is wonderful. Mandy has a unique story. Give yourself a treat, and gain some inspiration by watching and listening to this young lady’s audition. You won’t be disappointed!



Again, I find inspiration everywhere. Once I find inspiration, I make sure that I am surrounded by it. Inspiration is in the music I listen to. It’s in the quotes that decorate my Facebook page. It’s in the books that I read. I surround myself with inspiration daily. This supports me to continue to greet the world from my inner hero!

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