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With all the uncertainty that we are facing in our lives, it’s more crucial than ever that you take some time to get your bearings on this wild ride called life.

It’s possible that you have been thrown off course lately. You are finding yourself adrift and feeling overwhelmed and a bit alone.

Let’s work together and turn the turmoil in your head into fertile, healthy soil to reimagine, reinvigorate and transform your relationship with yourself and the world.


You didn’t plan to be where you currently are.

Can you relate to any of these scenarios?

You’re struggling at work because you just can’t stay focused

You are irritated with your co-workers and want to avoid them. You find yourself going to bed and waking up equally exhausted. And you just wish that you could feel the enthusiasm that you used to feel for life.

You’re experiencing an unexpected life transition.

You didn’t ask for this separation/divorce, the health issues you or a loved one is experiencing, or the grief that you are now feeling due to a loss.

You realize that you are longing for more meaning and connection in your life.

While your career has been satisfying and you have been successful, you don’t have any real connections outside of work. You feel lonely. You find yourself wondering “How does one go about making new friends?”

You might find yourself in a difficult work situation.

You’re in a meeting and everyone turns to you to gain your input. Yet, your mind goes blank again. You’re flooded with negative thoughts, and all your well thought out comments go out the window. You are so frustrated that this has happened again. Internally, your gut is churning, and your imposter syndrome is raging.

You’re the helper, always stepping in whenever anyone asks for support.

You find yourself stressed, running all the time and yet it feels like you are behind. You don’t want to ask others for help because you don’t want to be seen as a burden. You are exhausted and wonder why work/life balance is so hard to achieve!

Please know that you are not alone.
I see you and am here for you.

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To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Figuring out who you essentially are and how to live your life in alignment with your soul is a mindfulness practice.

Emerson knew exactly what he was talking about in the quote above. It’s courageous to speak, live, and honor the truth of who you are. That’s why embarking on this journey to live your life on your terms can feel so isolating and lonely at times.

But when you do honor who you are, the gifts you receive are worth the work:

  • Experience radiant well-being and resilience - be done with overwork, hustle, and burnout culture. Learn how to navigate your life so that you can experience more peace and contentment that sustains you after a lifetime of putting everyone and everything else first.
  • Be empowered, centered, and confident as you make decisions (big and small) that will impact the way you work, parent, and live. Become the leader, parent, and person that you long to be.
  • Feel alive and flourish - Have a life with more meaning with deeper connections to yourself, your family, friends, and community.
  • Travel your path with open, loving, and compassionate support as you navigate the ebbs and flows of life. Have a trustworthy guide in your corner that sees you clearly and helps you stay the course as you create the life that you deeply desire.
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Know this:

You matter.

How you live, work, parent, and connect with others matters. What you create has a great impact on the world and everyone around you. You can feel completely at home with yourself, free to trust your voice and your heart’s wisdom so you can go for what you want unapologetically! I would love to help you gain clarity and begin to reimagine your life.

I found working with Nancy to be quite enlightening, refreshing and above all, useful! I liked how her philosophy is grounded in the work of positive psychologists, and always left our sessions feeling like something was uncovered. Her sense of humor and good cheer framed our time together in a really engaging way. It’s good to know that I can always come back to my life coach Nancy, as life unfolds in unpredictable ways.