Nancy Kalina - Safe Space Life Coaching

I invite you to . . .

Take a break from your day to day life.


Remember who you authentically are.

We live our lives surrounded by an invasion of the external world. There are always decisions to be made, daily demands, and pressures from the constant commotion that is life in the 21st century. We take little time for ourselves. We don’t necessarily spend time with our inner thoughts, yearnings and hankerings that come from within us. We may even feel frustrated, feel like life is not flowing and not know why we are frustrated or why life feels like a struggle.

It’s possible that the still small voice within you holds the keys.

Safe Space life coaching is exactly that, a safe space for you to remember who you are and all that you can be.

I act as a guide to help re-introduce you to your personal navigation system. It is within this relationship with your essential self that your journey toward wellness, energy, and living your best life can begin.


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Recent Newsletters

I have heard from numerous readers about my last e-newsletter The Dance of Communication Part 2 that focused on the skill of validation in communication. Therefore, I think it would be helpful to take a deeper dive into what validation is and why it is so important. To do this, I am sharing with you the article by Karyn Hall that I read when preparing to write my last article.

In Imago Dialogue, both individuals agree to talk—one person at a time. When we adhere to this, we have one person who is speaking and one person who is actively listening. This in and of itself is a departure from how most of us communicate in everyday life. It should be noted that Imago Dialogue is also about taking turns.

Early on in my relationship with Kim, we did something that would be considered by many to be unusual and completely unnecessary. However, to this day, I think it is the reason why we have such a healthy relationship. We made a decision to seek counseling immediately to discover how to create an intentional relationship that would work for both of us. This was a great first step in the development of our relationship. However, time passed. We stopped counseling because we felt healthy and happy.



Bloom Magazine featured me in their August/September 2013 issue. The article covers my Caring for the Caregiver workshop. Read and enjoy!

On Tuesday, June 5, 2012 I was a guest on the Coach Me Caroline radio show, which is hosted by Caroline Dowd-Higgins. This show streams on It was a wonderful debut for me. Take a bit of time and listen to the podcast. You can download it here.