The aspects of your life that feel like a mess right now, are actually the secret keys to unlocking your abundant, unapologetic life!

Let’s find those keys together.

is this you?

In your professional life…

You’re feeling blah and unfocused at work. You want to feel that positive energy and spring in your step again, but you’re having difficulty unearthing what is going on and how to begin making changes that work for you.

There’s a big change at your job that’s causing you stress. Perhaps your awesome boss leaves and you are trying to adjust to a new manager. Or, you have taken on an exciting new role at work, only to find yourself working long hours, and closing your door just to be able to get through your to-do list while learning the host of new skills that are now expected of you. Internally, your gut is churning, and your imposter syndrome is raging.

You struggle with anxiety at work. You want to make a meaningful contribution, but you just can’t get past your fears and self-doubt.

In your personal life…

You are constantly putting everyone’s needs above your own. You find yourself on the run all the time and yet you feel like you are getting nowhere. You notice that you are never prioritizing you! You wonder why finding balance is so hard.

You are feeling lonely and disconnected from yourself and others. You have a strong desire to connect with people on a deeper level, navigate through life with confidence, and live a life of peace and contentment. However, it all feels so hard to pin down. In your darkest moments, you feel like your life is a mess.


You've tried everything you can think of to get to the bottom of your struggles.

You have tried to move forward by reading self-help books, listening to podcasts, even attending an online training. Yet, none of this has truly helped. Your friends’ well-meaning advice falls flat. The self-help book you bought is still on your bookshelf collecting dust.

You’ve tried pulling yourself up by the bootstraps, but you still feel a swirl of confusion and anxiety about where to even begin the process of unraveling the cluster of uncertainty that is living inside your mind.

You lack confidence in making decisions. You wonder, “Am I doing it right?” And when you do have to make a decision, you go a thousand rounds with your self-doubt. As a result, you find yourself struggling and unable to move forward in a meaningful way.

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Why are these ideas not working?

Visual representation of a life that is restricted, mistreated, and locked in place

A visual metaphor of a life that is restricted, mistreated, and locked in place.

While all these books and materials are wonderfully educational, they don’t tend to work because they don’t know you! They aren’t working with you personally to tease out what is truly driving the stress and anxiety that you are experiencing.

When you feel that swirl of confusion, anxiety and overwhelm, then the book that you bought or the course you registered for will simply sit around without real engagement from you. Then, the book, podcast or the course become another source of stress. They don’t bring you the confidence and peace that you are truly seeking.

These well-intentioned solutions lack the secret ingredient: YOU!

I’ve never found cookie-cutter solutions like 'the 7 steps to living your best life' that really work on their own because we are all unique individuals. Every person’s journey towards living a fulfilling life will be a unique and individual process. What works for one person will not necessarily work for another.

People make lasting change when they slow down and receive personalized support to uncover what is really creating all their confusion, anxiety, angst and loneliness. We need to slow down and have a guide who can help us gain insight and be a partner in developing workable solutions.

pink sakura tree at day time

A visual metaphor of an unencumbered, gloriously unique, & flourishing life.

My sessions with Nancy have helped me to change the way I see my life and the way I make decisions. Working through limiting beliefs was an effective way to get me to step off the hamster wheel in my mind that was keeping me stuck and unhappy. I now have tools to help me through each day. Since talking with Nancy I feel happier and more hopeful than I have in a long time. Thanks Nancy.


We heal and grow in relationships, that’s why it’s important to have a trusted guide.

What feels like a mess right now, actually becomes the fertile soil for your new life. This is where you will find the keys to unlocking your abundant, unapologetic life!


What’s actually necessary…

I’ve devoted my life to serving as a trusted guide

If you try to change your habits without a deep knowledge of what’s propelling these habits, you will find that trying to maintain those new, healthier habits is not sustainable.

  • 1

    As we work together, we’ll tease out the underlying factors that are creating the feelings of disconnection, angst, confusion, and loneliness that you’re experiencing. 

  • 2

    As you gain clarity, your vision for your life will begin coming into focus. When you get to the heart of the matter, you’ll start affecting real change and I will be right by your side.

  • 3

    Together, we'll focus on getting to the heart of the matter to create sustainable change that will allow you to flourish, know yourself intimately, and navigate your life with more confidence.

All of this allows you to lead a life that is truly meaningful to you!

Because at the end of the day, you can’t move forward without knowing yourself!

What you can expect when we work together

Are you ready to get started?

You are meant to do unbelievable things in this life without feeling exhausted, burnt out and complete overwhelm that leaves you feeling stuck!

Together, we’ll tailor your coaching experience to meet your needs.
I coach clients on Zoom, over the phone, and in person. Please note that if we meet on Zoom, I can record your sessions and email them to you within 48 hours.

I offer personal coaching sessions, where we identify the issues and areas you want to focus on and come up with a clear action plan. This is your time to focus on you.

There is no pace but your pace

Work with me one-on-one at a pace that works for you.

Revisit past sessions. If you choose to work on Zoom, I will record the sessions for you and will deliver within 48 hours. This serves as a wonderful touchpoint between sessions.

Coaching every other week is a great pace. There is a ton of growth that can happen between sessions. So, meeting every other week is a great way to allow for that growth.

One-on-One Coaching Packages

New Client Package - 3 Sessions

A great way to get started making the changes you want in life. 

6 Session Package

For those who are interested in coaching and are ready to dive in.

$720 $670
12 Session Package

Ready to jump in and begin transforming your life? This is for folks who are ready to sink their teeth in.

This is a deep dive into what makes you, YOU. 

12 hour-long sessions over 5 months with the option to pay in installments.

$1440 $1350
Individual Sessions

Individual sessions are available for existing and former clients only.


A sliding scale is available

To learn more about the sliding scale, please ask during your free, 30-minute chat.

Book your 30 Minute Chat

I begin every coaching relationship with a free, 30-minute chat.

This allows you to share what’s going on and ask any questions you may have. Also, I can share with you if and how I can help. Then I will leave you to decide if working with me is right for you.

No big sales pitches. Just a chance to connect.

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One Client's Story

Reaching out to Nancy has been one of the best decisions I've made in my adult life

Although I had been working very hard to achieve higher levels of success in my career field, once I was promoted to the C-suite I found myself ill-prepared to overcome the self-doubt and intrusive thoughts the new position awakened in me. At the same time, family dynamics were shifting due to terminal parental illness, which was complicated by geographic distance. These compounding life challenges led me to explore working with a life coach.

In all honesty...

In all honesty...I had listened to life coaching podcasts and read books on the topic, so I had some familiarity with the concept - but could have never imagined the profound impact actually working one on one with a skilled life coach would have on expanding my perspective and deepening my understanding of not only myself but also the world around me.

Nancy set clear expectations at the outset, listened intently & compassionately, and offered tools/methods appropriate for each evolving scenario I presented her with. She has made a lasting impact on my ability to successfully manage doubt, uncertainty, and change. 

As a result of our work together, I was well prepared when an unforeseen opportunity to step up one more level professionally presented itself recently - I reflected on the work we did together, applied the methods she taught me, and landed the job.

“I highly recommend working with Nancy. Nancy has a knack for helping an individual think clearly. She gave me specific, effective, positive life tools that helped guide me through a major transition in my life. These tools were presented in her Caring for the Caregiver workshop. The combination of physical, emotional, and cognitive exercise was enough to help guide me through my life transition more smoothly than I could have imagined. I’m forever grateful.”