Coming Back to Oneness!

July 29, 2019

I have been disconnected for a while—disconnected from all of you, disconnected from my true self, and disconnected from the world. Disconnecting was not my intention. Rather, it occurred the moment I got rear-ended in my car, thus getting pushed into the vehicle in front of me.

This accident acted as a catalyst that disrupted my central nervous system. With this disruption or dysregulation, I found myself in a place that was not unfamiliar to me, though I had not experienced this anxious, uncertain state for quite some time.

I found myself feeling very unsettled, in my body and in my emotions. In this state, I discovered that I no longer trusted anyone. Trusting others was difficult. Trusting myself and my intuition seemed impossible. I felt betrayed by my nervous system, my body, my personal self, the Universe in general, and even God. Here, I had been doing everything right. I was following all the traffic rules. My seatbelt was fastened. I was not on a phone or fiddling with the radio. I was merely stopped at a red light, patiently waiting for the light to turn green and for my turn to proceed. I was caught by surprise when a car smashed into my car’s back end. This car invaded my space! One of the thoughts I had within hours of the accident was, “I was doing everything right, and I still got hurt!” Hence, my fear that the Universe does not have my back was born.

It has been a long road back to feeling connected again. However, I am pleased to report that I am feeling better than the self I was prior to the accident. I am grounded and connected to the earth and my body. I feel strong instead of fragile. Additionally, I feel confident, excited, and curious about my life and where my next steps might take me. Also, I have located my trust in myself and others, which is a welcome breakthrough. Not being able to relate to yourself or the world around you is not fun or peaceful. So, I welcome this step forward. I greet this new way of relating to myself and others with never-ending gratitude.

What a wonderful thing it is to discover that, in fact, you are resilient! I am resilient! With tremendous support from Kim, a mind-body coach, numerous caring professionals, and even a trapeze, I have risen from my fall. It was a climb, but I managed to traverse the unusual landscape of this experience while learning to be more mindful in the process.

So, I celebrate today! I celebrate being alive! I celebrate all the great tools like mindfulness that I get to play with every day. I celebrate my resilience. Finally, I celebrate returning to oneness (the belief that everything on the planet is connected).

With oneness in my heart, I feel connected to everyone and everything. Now, I am quite certain the Universe has my back. Yes, I was in a traumatic accident. However, I was always being held, cradled, and supported by the most amazing, caring people. Some of these people I knew. Some were new to me, and some are newfound friends!

To the whole experience, I say thank you!

Sharing Corner

Recently, I watched an interview with Dr. Edith Eva Eger on Super Soul Sunday with Oprah. I highly recommend viewing this interview. Discover who Eger is. In her own words, she is far more than a Holocaust survivor. This woman has learned to thrive. I found her to be truly inspirational and plan on picking up her new book, The Choice, which was published as she turned 90.

Here is a minute-long clip from that wonderful interview



As many of you know, I look for inspiration everywhere. I found tremendous inspiration and support from the people I surrounded myself with. These people held me until I was strong enough to hold myself and continue my healing. I am always reminded that I live an interdependent life. I am always surrounded by love, and I am truly grateful. Here are just a couple of the quotes that speak to my experience.

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