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Hi, I'm Nancy

You and I are the same. We're both a work in progress.

We're all human beings who work hard to live a life that is meaningful and intentional.

In my eyes, every person has the ability to continue to grow, transform and free themselves to live the life they are meant to live.

In my eyes, the global community benefits when we free ourselves from the mental prisons that we live in and begin living a life with endless choices, possibilities and freedom. 

I invite you to experience freedom!



Did you know that a grove of aspen trees is actually one single organism interconnected by a vast root system that feeds & nourishes each individual tree?

That is how I see humanity. I perceive that every individual stands in relationship with everyone on the planet. I see myself (and you) as part of ONE global community.

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Life doesn't happen in a bubble.

Have you ever noticed how everyone, every occurrence, every event that a person or a community live through has a backstory. There is always a background of what led up to a moment in time where a person, a couple, a family, a work environment, a community, a country or the world finds itself in.

Our past experiences do bring us to where we are today. They can decode what has led us to this place in time.  

backstories fascinate me.

Each of us is more than the sum of our past experiences, a list of degrees, or a resume of employers, dates, and titles.  We are all changing and growing every day.

Our past experiences do bring us to where we are today, however.

Backstories give a fuller picture of any human or situation and I appreciate the more complete perspective.

Here’s my story. 
(Hint: It probably shares several themes with your story.)

early days

I spent 23 years of my career supporting people with disabilities to obtain and maintain competitive employment. I was drawn to this field having grown up with an invisible disability myself. Supporting people with disabilities to live a life that was fulfilling to them was challenging and rewarding.

After my father’s death in 2006, I experienced a wake-up call. I have learned that there is no better way to shake up your life than to experience a significant loss that stops you in your tracks and makes you question everything. So, a few years after my father’s death, I began asking,

  • “Am I happy?”
  • “What do I truly want out of life?”
  • “What’s truly important to me and am I giving that enough attention?”

These are all tough questions, and this was not a speedy or comfortable process.

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i'd been lost for quite some time

During this time in my life, I learned some big truths:

1st Truth: That I was living in everyone else’s business, and was disconnected from my own needs, desires and emotions.

2nd Truth: That as a result of living in other people’s business, I barely knew who I was.

3rd Truth: That my body has its own voice that is worth listening to. For example, leading up to this era of discovery and freedom, my body was experiencing tremendous anxiety, panic, significant fatigue and heaviness that I came to understand as depression.

This was my body’s way of telling me “Hey! You are headed in the wrong direction! Turn around!”

choosing to leap

By learning to listen to my body, I realized that I could co-create my life with my body’s input. I could live differently. Discovering that I have always had a best self, I could tune into my body and make choices (big and small) that would allow me to break out of the mental prison that I had been living in and start embracing a life of freedom!

During this time of deep questioning, I took a leap of faith! I left my old career behind and enrolled in Martha Beck life coach training. Because I started doing what was right for me, I began to feel calmer and far more peaceful than I had in years.

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Photo by Nathan Anderson

the reward: finding peace

Life coach training was exciting and I loved learning and discovering more about myself!

I wasn’t the only one who noticed. My partner noticed! My doctor noticed! I even ran into one of my old students who told me that I looked really different – I looked peaceful.

I was enjoying what I was doing and I was enjoying life for the first time in a long time.  I wasn’t dreading getting out of bed any longer. I had a spring in my step.

I was eager to greet each new day and each new opportunity or challenge.

life coaching is my calling

I love connecting and relating to other people. I love to be a witness to other people’s personal growth.  Doing what I love allows me to live a fully embodied and wholehearted life.

I don’t have to live a life full of compromises. I don’t have to live a life to please anyone other than myself. It’s my life and I have learned and continue to remind myself that I get to call the shots.

Which is why I’m committed to helping others do the same.
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This consultation can be done virtually or in-person in Bloomington, Indiana.

Nancy’s work has helped me get here. I am in a place that serves a greater purpose, and I am contributing to it by doing what I love. And I couldn't be more appreciative. I am so grateful for Nancy and for everything that she has done not only for me, but for everyone else she coaches.




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