Personal Futures Planning

Personal Futures Planning is a planning process that involves

  • Getting to know the person and what his/her life is like now;
  • Developing ideas about what he/she would like in the future; and
  • Taking action to move toward this, which involves exploring possibilities within the community and looking at what needs to change within services.

The process is colorfully recorded in words and pictures using different ‘maps’ as graphic illustrations of different areas of the person’s life. Each part of the planning process is guided by what is important to the person and by the desired outcomes.

It should be noted that Personal Futures Planning has a long history supporting people with disabilities to claim their true lives. That being said, this process can be used with anyone — those who are young, those who are older and those who are anywhere in between. These tools have helped organizations to find direction and make progress. I have also heard stories as to how these tools were masterfully used with a couple prior to their wedding.

I actually was trained to facilitate Personal Futures Planning meetings before I was trained to life coach. Needless to say, I saw amazing parallels between Personal Futures Planning and life coaching. Primarily I have facilitated these meetings for people with disabilities. I had the amazing pleasure and opportunity to be trained in Personal Futures Planning by Marsha Forest, Jack Pearpoint and Judith Snow.

I would be happy to discuss the entire process of Personal Futures Planning with you if you are interested. I offer a free 30-minute consultation that can be done over the phone.

I require a 90 minute in person consultation that takes place prior to the planning session to make sure that everyone is on the same page. This also allows us to see if accommodations need to be made to involve the person with the disability in the process.
90 minute consultation – $160