Meditation offers me a feeling of being grounded.  I was encouraged to meditate daily by Marianne Williamson.  Thus, I began learning and practicing and I never looked back.  My days are more centered and full when I take 10-20 minutes to connect to my essential self.






Yoga found me when I needed to be found.  I truly rediscovered myself through yoga.  The timing was perfect.  I needed a way to be quiet and to find peace from the external, frantic, harried world.  Yoga offered me the opportunity for peace and a chance to reconnect with my body and still does to this day.





Marianne Williamson was introduced to me by a therapist.  This therapist was so wise.  Little did she know what an impact Marianne Williamson and she would have on my life.  Through Marianne’s writings, audiotapes and live lectures, she has encouraged me, as well as countless others, to return to love. Marianne has helped me to see the power of prayer from someone who had left structured religion long ago. She has helped me to see the power of being my true, authentic self.  She has helped me to view and perceive others with love and respect.  She has offered me many miracles.  Ultimately, Marianne has provided me with guidance to be the best me that I can possibly be.  For that I am eternally grateful.


Kim – My partner Kim is the constant in my life.  She is a true inspiration in more ways than I can say.  She quietly goes through her days with a beautiful smile upon her face.  She touches everyone who comes into contact with her.  She has supported me and our relationship to question, to grow, and to live life as fully as possible.  Who could ask for more?




The Great Outdoors – Being out in nature is where I have always felt at home in the larger world.  Nature is the constant reminder that we are just a piece of this grand puzzle and that we are members of a greater order that includes the creatures of the sky, sea and land.  We are part of the same environmental community as the waterfalls, the moon, the sun, the trees and the mountains.  Nature is the great reminder of what and who we are and that we can all live in harmony.


My home – I believe that your home offers one of the most intimate reflections of who you are as a human being.  Therefore, it should encompass all that you are, love and find inspirational.


Community – 
I love all things that speak to community.  I love the concept of people coming together as a whole to organize, plan, and celebrate to make a community a better place for all.  It warms my heart when I see people building bridges and making connections with others to simply enjoy the beauty of all of us and all of our differences.  This a picture of the farmer’s market from my hometown.



Scot Schmidt’s Art – 
I have embraced Scot’s artwork from the moment I met him and first saw his artwork.  I believe that both Scot and his artwork scream out and tell passersby that this is a person who is living his passion.  Truly inspirational.  I know that he is very grateful to make a living from his passion.  I also feel that the lives he touches through his art are forever enriched.

Please see below for the “Bound” piece written by Scot, which compliments this piece of his artwork, as well as a list of words surrounding the doors.