My Philosophy

I believe that all the answers to your best life are within you.  I believe that everyone has unique gifts, passions and a meaningful life purpose.  When you show up as your unique, essential self, the world is greatly enriched and you feel fantastic.  I believe the key to true peace is to BE AUTHENTIC and to let your silent center SHINE!  Individuality has always been vital to me.  You need to be exactly who you are deep inside which is who you were born to be!  This could be fulfilling individual goals and reaching for wildly incredible dreams.  However, it could be as simple as showing up in your personal world as you with your essential self driving the vehicle with whomever or whatever makes your heart sing.  I also believe that limiting thoughts and beliefs keep us from our true essence.  Learning to become the compassionate observer, and dissolving painful stories and beliefs that are not serving you is the only way to live your best life.

“Though real freedom can be a little frightening, run out and embrace it with everything you have.  For in that freedom, your highest and best possibilities are ready to come magnificently to life.” – Ralph Marston