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Each of us is more than the sum of our past experiences, a list of degrees, or a resume of employers, dates, and titles.  We are all changing and growing every day.

Our past experiences do bring us to where we are today, however.  My past experiences include a Bachelors of Science in rehabilitation psychology from University of Wisconsin-Madison and I have a master’s of science in rehabilitation counseling from Syracuse University with a specialization in gerontology.  In all of my work, I have used a person-centered approach: an approach focused on helping each unique individual discover and build on his or her strengths and passions.  For 23 years, I worked with individuals with disabilities and their families to discover their right life, in particular their place in the working community. I have co-authored the book Developing Natural Supports in the Workplace: A Practitioner’s Guide.  Our present experiences shape our future; therefore, I chose to to become a certified Martha Beck Life Coach. Martha Beck is a New York Times best-selling author, life coach & columnist for O, the Oprah magazine.

Who am I beyond the jobs I’ve had, the degrees I’ve earned, the book I’ve written and the many books I’ve read?  I am a woman, a committed partner, a daughter, a sister, a devoted friend, a person who grew up with a disability, a teacher, an active member of my community, a nature lover, and a person who has lost my way more than a few times.  All of these roles may be elements of me and the life that I have led, but they are not the full picture of who I am today or who I will be tomorrow – just as you have probably assumed many roles and responsibilities in your life, and yet known deep inside that you were more than any of those parts.

I am still discovering who I am, and I find that terribly exciting – hence, the reason why I’m so drawn to life coaching.  I know all my roles, but sometimes I have misplaced or forgotten ME along the way.  I am so proud that I have found myself again, as I have helped others to do throughout my career.  I am committed to discovering all the layers of my essential self one step at a time.  Additionally, I am committed to telling the truth about myself and the world around me.

I invite you to take a step to reconnect with your silent center by making an appointment for a free 30-minute consultation.  See if I am the right life coach for you.  See if you feel safe.  See if there is a connection.  Your safety and comfort are of paramount importance as you move forward on your journey to live the life that you are longing to live.  Live the fulfilling life that you not only desire-you deserve!

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I can’t think of the perfect descriptor for my experience with Nancy Kalina as my life coach, but awesome. That much over-used word that is used to describe aspects of mystery, wonder, and the sacred, keeps coming to mind.

Nancy has a gift for going straight to the heart of the shadow and drawing it out of hiding into the light where it can be gently embraced and transformed. Her insights are truly inspired. At the same time that she challenges assumptions and uncovers aspects of my being that are difficult to face, she also emanates total acceptance and, yes, love that makes the journey into uncharted territory a life-giving adventure.

I trust Nancy and I trust her process and I’m becoming more and more the person I want to be. -Rebecca

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